10 On-Trend Ceiling Design Ideas

Most people don’t give much thought to the ceilings in their homes. Ceilings usually get a lick of white enamel every few years, and then they’re forgotten about until the next time the walls are painted. If given the right treatment, ceilings could be a unique, beautiful focal point in any room.

We’ve put together a few inspirational ideas, tips and hints to change the way you think about your ceilings and to get you itching to do a ceiling makeover.

1. A colour quickie: If you’re looking for an inexpensive quick fix that can be completed over a weekend, cornices could be what you’re looking for.  Made to fit over a standard 75mm cove cornice, these mouldings are almost effortless to install. Pick the one that suits your taste and then make it yours.

2. Create contrasts and complements: We love the look that comes from combining a muted palette on the walls, with a pop of colour on your newly installed cornices. This helps to draw the eye upward and can create the illusion of height in the room. Cornice mouldings are made from polystyrene and can be painted with either water-based or acrylic paints. Plus you’re only using a small amount of paint to get the effect you want – so it’s cost-effective, too!

If you’re feeling a bit more energetic and have a bit more paint, you could apply colour to the ceilings, leaving the walls and cornices white for contrast.

3. Metallic makeover: If you have high ceilings, other features in the room might be diminished. High ceilings are great for their openness and sense of space, but the task of filling them can be daunting. A simple solution to the drab white high ceiling is a lick of metallic paint. Bronzes, dusky golds and slick silvers can create an eye-catching finish to the room. You could also experiment with paint techniques and finishes as well, for bonus effect. Contrasting metallic shades on ceiling boards and cornices could also be very visually appealing.

4. It’s all in the wood: Painting isn’t always the easiest task. If you’re looking for something a little more textured than paint, you should consider wooden wall panels. Yes, you can use them on ceilings – and with great results too. Create patterns across the entire ceiling for a bold look. Mix and match the different wood tones, if you’re feeling adventurous. Or you could use wood panels combined with cornices to create a border around the ceiling or light fitting. These wood panels are easy to install and just as (not true), so they’re perfect for rentals.

5. Put a rose on it: The quickest and easiest ceiling makeover yet. Ceiling roses liven up the ceiling and break up large ceiling spaces, as well as drawing focus to the lighting fixture. Ceiling roses are also used to conceal the wiring that goes along with electrical fittings. Combine ceiling roses with a framing border made of cornices for extra texture and interest.

As with other mouldings, ceiling roses are made from polystyrene and can be painted with either water-based or acrylic paints – so get out that paint tin and brush!

6. Tile it: Just because pressed ceilings are back in style, doesn’t mean you have to fork out a fortune to get the look. It’s easy and affordable to recreate, using ceiling tiles. These tiles adhere to ceiling boards whether painted or unpainted, so prep work is minimal – the perfect makeover solution if you’re looking for instant gratification. Ceiling tiles are easy to use (no need for a handyman!), but make sure you have all the tools you need, before starting.

7. Play with patterns: We love the idea of a diamond-patterned ceiling that will compliment both modern and retro décor. For a vintage feel, the floral or vintage patterned ceiling tiles are a must. You can apply, let dry and admire your handiwork as complete or you could take your makeover a step further and emphasis the pattern of the ceiling tile with some clever paint application.

8. Lighten up: whip out the bog-standard light fitting in your ceiling and replace it with something fresh and funky. Go old-school with a retro dome-shaped or cone-shaped lighting cover in a bold, bright tone or add elegance with a chandelier. Even if your room isn’t very big, there are mini-chandeliers that could fulfill your lighting fantasy. Don’t forget to add a ceiling rose to draw attention to your new light fitting!

9. All stenciled out: Requiring a little more time than most other makeover methods, stencils can be used to great effect on ceilings. Create a repeating, interlocked pattern with your stencil and a paint roller. This can look amazing when combined with walls painted in a bright, solid colour. Stencil a large, bold design around your light fixture, or pick a smaller design to stencil randomly across your ceiling.

10. Stick with vinyl decal stickers: Vinyl stickers are all the rage these days. Applied within minutes, these require little effort and yield great results. You could have your favourite quote emblazoned on your ceiling. A collection of meaningful words in a dazzling font. Or a wall-to-wall panoramic vinyl sticker could add a third dimension to your décor.

When it comes to ceiling design – think beyond white enamel paint. You can mix, match and combine any of our suggestions to create a crowning piece for your room. The only limits are your imagination!

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