6 DIY projects to improve your bathroom

We spend a great deal of time in the bathroom, yet often we don’t spend time, attention, and money on it, especially if it’s the master bathroom that our guests will never see. We think a bathroom should be a happy haven, somewhere you enjoy being, just like your bedroom and living room, so we’ve put together a few DIY ideas you could take hold of to improve the look and feel of your bathroom.

Pinned by Erin Cole Roth

Make a bathtub shelf

Anyone who enjoys wallowing in a hot bath will recognise the bathtub caddy as a simple but ingenious idea. Woes such as ‘Now where can I put down my book where it won’t get wet …’ are neatly dealt with.

The caddy can also be used as a seat for shaving your legs or to sit on and put your feet in the water while you get the temperature just right.

Image via Anna Brink on Pinterest

This delightful and incredibly easy
DIY project will take you no time at 
all. To ensure it doesn’t slip off either
side nail two positioning blocks to the
underside, as shown in the image on
the left.



Image via apartmenttherapy.com

Paint the underside of your tub

The black paint on this tub gives the room an entirely different look, taking it from sweet and classic to bold and rather funky. Give your own bathroom a lift by painting the underside of your tub a strong colour, or alternatively stencil a pattern or even write something, like “Get on in”.

It’s far more personal and interesting when you paint your tub, and you’re not committing to forever – when you want another change, you can just paint over it again!

via Elle Decor


Install creative shelving and rails

The ladder as towel rail works so well in this room, especially coupled with the simple wooden bookshelf. Other relatively original ideas for replacing stock-standard towel rails – yawn! – include embracing the copper pipe heated towel rail look, with its interesting, shiny knobs and dials, or installing a nautical rope towel bar or ring, affording you something of a beach house vibe.



Image via homedecorlab.com


Put in a sliding barn door

A barn-style sliding door could be your answer to a space issue, as it would free up the arc that a traditional door demands. Or it may simply answer an aesthetic concern; sliding doors are not only more unusual then normal hinge doors and so add an element of interest, but wooden ones also add warmth to a room and create a welcoming look. You could even consider painting the wood in a colour such as a bright yellow to up the fun or vibrancy factor.


Opt for a bathroom chandelier

Image via blog.nehomemag.com

Chandeliers are not the sole property of dining rooms and bedrooms. You spend a great deal of time in the bathroom, so make it a special room like any other by installing a beautiful chandelier. Chandeliers also offer soft, flattering lighting, a must-have when you’re stripped down to your birthday suit!

When choosing a chandelier, consider if a traditionally elaborate one would work best in your space or if a more modern one would work better, as shown here. Also ask yourself if a DAS ceiling rose wouldn’t be the perfect complementing finish to your new light fixture. Check out our range of attractive and easy-to-install ceiling roses by clicking here.


Image via photographer Emma Lee

Lay down a carpet

One can’t really call this DIY, but in keeping with the theme of revamping your bathroom we couldn’t resist including this great idea of incorporating a rug into your bathroom décor. A Persian rug, as used in the bathroom showcased here, is a great idea as they’re very hardy and can add some interesting detail into a room that is often too plain. If you have a built-in tub, make the carpet a central feature. 

Not only would a rug change the look of your bathroom, it also has the added benefit in winter of making life warmer underfoot.




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