DIY décor on a tight budget

When it comes to home décor, don’t think of your tight budget as an obstacle. Think of it as a challenge. Use small DIY décor projects to freshen up your home without breaking the bank. It’s all about repurposing, recycling, upcycling, and doing it all yourself...

Sometimes less is more. If you're hesitant about wallpapering an entire room, think about covering the backing of a bookcase. You’ll get a subtle layer of pattern in your décor for a whole lot less money. You could even use good-quality wrapping or scrapbooking paper to the same end, saving even more money.

DIY décor projects

You could do the same thing in other areas of the house – like light switch covers, cupboard doors or display trays. Have ambitious plans to mosaic an entire wall in your house? Start smaller. Like with a windowsill, instead.

Casters are the best quick-change agents in your home as they give items of furniture both height and mobility. Attach to an old painted farm table and you’ve got yourself a kitchen island. Wheels on a wooden crate becomes storage that can roll under countertops or be moved from room to room.

Put your memories into your décor. A bare tabletop is a display opportunity waiting to happen. Have a piece of glass or plexiglass cut to fit your tabletop's dimensions, then tuck snapshots, postcards, notes, and other memorabilia under the surface. Create photo-boards or message boards on your walls, to the same effect.

Don’t break the bank

Don't ignore your ceilings. Ditch the default white and go for grey-blues, lavenders, and buttery yellows to draw the eye up without being bawdy. Add a bold cornice and you’ll add architectural interest to your room as well.

If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated than a lick of paint, consider creating your own DIY pressed ceiling look using moulded ceiling tiles. Check out more ceiling inspiration, here. The easiest bathroom redo ever? A new shower curtain!

Simple home makeovers

You can also replace your boring old standard basin taps with an industrial-vibed kitchen sink mixer-tap for an interesting, inexpensive pick-me-up. If your shower floor is looking a little grotty, consider re-doing it yourself...

If you doubt your tiling skills, or can’t keep to a straight line – break the tiles up into chunks to make your own simple, effective mosaic. You don’t even have to buy the tiles to do this – asking at your local tiling shop (or hit all the shops in the area) for a few broken tiles or samples of tiles should get your shower floor redone.

Freshen up the hardware in your kitchen. No, we’re not talking about new fridges and stoves. We’re talking about your cupboard and drawer handles. Such a simple makeover can have a huge impact on the feel of your kitchen.

Inexpensive DIY

Replace your weathered kitchen curtains with simple, roll-up wooden blinds that are easy to install yourself. Keeping it simple with your window treatments is very effective in the kitchen. Give an old piece of furniture a second life.

If you need bigger home décor items like coffee tables, bookshelves or benches, dining room suites or stools buy them second-hand. Don’t worry too much about the condition of a piece of furniture if you can get it at a seriously reduced price.

All you need to do is make sure the item is structurally sound and that there are no dents/scratches or gouges that can’t be sanded out or filled in. You can sand the item down and leave it bare, for dramatic effect or you could paint it, stencil on it, decoupage on it – the choice is yours!

There are many ways to be smart when it comes to inexpensive home décor. Anything and everything is possible – if you do it yourself...

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