On trend with moulding, panelling, and cornices

Whether you’re building your dream house from the ground up, or you’ve bought a fixer-upper, there’s much that you can do these days to make each room so much more than four walls and a ceiling. When it comes to adding depth, warmth and personality, you’re not restricted to a lick of paint or costly wallpaper – there are so many inexpensive flourishes and finishes you can add to your home makeover project, yourself.

Cornices: cutting corners, stylishly and cost-effectively

After the austere minimalism of the 80s and 90s, we’re so pleased that interior design is revisiting a look and feel that is rich, ornate, and visually appealing. There’s so much room to play and so much room for imagination - think textured, touchable, and out of the ordinary. This look is easily achievable - simple polystyrene decorative mouldings can add a luxurious feel to any room – and they don’t even look like polystyrene! Cornices are perfect for adding architectural interest and instead of hiding where ceiling meets wall, you can now use cornices to create visual appeal and a stylish focal point. Easy to install, you’re sure to find a cornice motif to suit your tastes. From the unobtrusively elegant to the gloriously opulent - DAS polystyrene cornices come in a variety of magnificent patterns and can be painted using water-based acrylic paints. Most DAS cornices are designed to fit over an existing standard 75mm cove cornice. Therefore there’s no mess or fuss in removing your existing cornice, and it’s ideal for both low and high ceilings.

Panelling: impressive(ly easy) wall treatments

With the advent of wall panelling, wallpaper has become so ‘passé’. Wood panelling provides each room with a warm aspect and can be used either as a decorative pivotal element, or to cover an entire wall. Unlike a conventionally painted surface, these wall panels are durable, timeless and won’t require constant updating or refreshing to stay on trend – so think of this as your investment in style. Choose the dark, richness of mahogany wood or savour the evocative glow of oak – either way, wood panelling is a trend to bear in mind if you’re looking for a truly distinctive wall treatment. If you can’t choose just one wood, you could mix and match to create an exquisite pattern of your choosing. With wood panelling, the design possibilities are endless. For added convenience, you can get everything you need to install these wall panels yourself, in one handy installation kit.

Magnificent mouldings: so much more than meets the eye

Ceilings aren’t generally design elements that are given much thought. As long as they look neat, that’s all that counts, right? Wrong. All it takes is the right ceiling tile to create a discernible masterpiece. These ceiling tiles look very much like Victorian pressed ceilings – a style which is making a serious comeback these days. Far cheaper than a new steel pressed ceiling installation, ceiling tiles will adhere to ceiling board whether it’s painted or unpainted, which means that you won’t have to waste time and money on unnecessary surface preparation before getting started on a ceiling tile installation in your home. When it comes to lighting, most people don’t think further than the light fitting itself, and when it comes to installing the lighting, they find hiding the necessary cables to be a bit tricky. A ceiling rose is a stunning way to conceal the wiring that goes along with any chandelier or suspended light fitting. Moulded from lightweight, durable polystyrene, ceiling roses are easy to install and can be painted with water-based acrylic paints – providing the perfect finish for the perfect lighting scheme. No matter what your taste, and no matter what your budget or the extent of your makeover project – finding a tasteful, easy-to-install finish for any room is much easier (and much cheaper) than you think. Add cornices, panelling, and mouldings to your home makeover inspiration wish-list and make it happen!

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