DAS accessories consist of the DIY toolbox for professional installations, environmentally-friendly adhesives, and everything the home decor DIY enthusiast might need.

DAS cornices are horizontal decorative moldings that crown interior spaces, for example over a door or window, or around the top edge of a pedestal, or along the top of an interior wall. These architectural design elements add style and elegance to any application, whether it be a room, apartment, or house.

DAS ceiling roses are decorative ceiling elements. They come in a variety of ornamental designs and can be used in conjunction with light fittings.

DAS ceiling tiles are decorative panels used in the interior of buildings, houses, and apartments.

DAS Wall Panels is the trendy new way to decorate your walls. The warm look of wood provides each room with atmosphere and a feeling of luxury. DAS Wall panels can be used as a decorative element on the wall, or to cover an entire wall. Each pack contains 4 panels and each panel’s dimensions are 600mm x 600mm x 8mm.

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